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Bozeman Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District Review Project




Bozeman, Montana


Land Use Planning, Project Management, Public Policy and Code Writing, Stakeholder and Public Engagement

In the spring of 2018 BendonAdams was selected, in partnership with Orion Planning and Design, to conduct an analysis of the Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District for the City of Bozeman. The overlay district was established in the early 1990s as a robust measure for historic preservation. In response to growing development patterns, the City requested a review of its historic districts to assess the efficacy of current policy in light of changing workforce housing demands, affordability, and other development pressures. A survey of 600 properties was completed by BendonAdams to identify neighborhood characteristics for future design guidelines. As part of the historic district analysis, BendonAdams was tasked with conducting extensive community outreach with the greater Bozeman community to discuss existing conditions and the community’s temperament towards development and change. Outreach to date has included over 30 events ranging from architectural surveys, pop-ups, small group meetings, listening posts, open houses, tours led by the historical society, media coverage, and online surveys and activities. The community was particularly vocal and engaged on this project which led to well-informed feedback and a strengthened relationship.