BendonAdams BendonAdams

Aspen Fire Protection District


2017 - present


Aspen, Colorado


Property Analysis and Entitlements, Land Use Planning, Strategic Development Services, Project Management

Over the course of the last two years, BendonAdams has been assisting the Aspen Fire Protection District in the development of the new Starwood Fire Substation, and most recently an affordable housing development near the North Forty Subdivision in the Aspen Business Center. While still in the design process, the development is intended to provide housing for current volunteer firefighters, staff, and new recruits. The development will be reviewed under a Location and Extent review in front of the Planning and Zoning Commission and is anticipated to begin construction in 2020. BendonAdams worked with the Metro Fire District and Homeowners Association to gain entitlements for a new fire substation that increased the fire and emergency response coverage to the McClain Flats area and add much-needed emergency personnel housing to the Roaring Fork Valley. BendonAdams worked with Charles Cunniffe Architects to coordinate Location and Extent review requirements in order to gain approvals through the Board of Commissioners. Construction is near completion.